Frequently Asked Questions


- How do I purchase Store Credit Coupons?


There is a link in the footer that will take you to the product page for the coupons. You can also access that same page through the category menus.


- How long does it take to get a SCARE report back?


The typical SCARE run will complete in 1-3 days. If there is a delay in that timeframe, you will be notified via email to the address that is on file in your account.


 - What kind of document do I need to provide you?


We need a document in an open format, such as Word, RTF, ODT, etc.


- What happens if I lose my document that you deliver?

Your reports will be retained on the website for you to download again for up to three months after we issue it for you. After that, you can send us an email to request an archived copy.

- Do you accept chickens in exchange for money?

Not normally. However, if you have a prize-winning chicken that has beat out a field of at least 500 other fowl, we will consider it. Please send an email with pictures, certifications, and availability for a trade-in quote.

- Can you go back and re-SCARE a book I've done before if I haven't paid for the subscription?

Yes. The charge would be the same as for a first-time document.


- What if I disagree with the suggestions in the report?

Similar to engaging with a Developmental Editor or other Editor, the SCARE report is there to help you see opportunities.  However, if you do not feel that the suggestions work for you, you are welcome to ignore the information (just like you can with a Developmental Editor).  You need to do what is right according to what you know.  The recommendations are just that, recommendations based on millions of points of data that indicate what will sell and why.

- I don't like writing to trends, and my writing is art. What's in it for me?

The SCARE report is designed for authors who are in the business of selling their art. If you are writing solely for expression, then this product is not a fit for you.  There is a chance your story will hit a need / desire by the reading public that no one is aware of until it happens.  (Then we usually think 'of course!')  This is what makes humanity so interesting, we change all of the time.  

- Is there a discount for multiple books in a month?


Not per se, although with a subscription for a book, you may upload a version for review each day for no additional charge.


- Is there a single place for me to get everything once it is finished?


We are bringing up a management page so that you can pull down your reviews as you wish. It will also maintain a status on your upload so that you can see how far through the process your submission your document has progressed. 


- How many times should I re-SCARE my book during the subscription?


As many times as it will be useful to you. If you have general questions on direction, etc., then that is a good time to push it through SCARE. Just remember that there is a processing cycle for SCARE and do not let that delay stop your creative cycle.


- Does my manuscript need to be finished or will a first draft be ok?


A draft is fine.


- Do I need to know what genre or market I'm aiming for? What's the difference if I do/don't?


If you have a particular market in mind and tell us that when you submit your report, the SCARE process will evaluate the manuscript against that market. That means that you will have targeted information on that effectiveness for that specific goal. If you do not know the market, then the process will attempt to match ALL markets and let you know which ones fit the writing profile.