The Melding of Friends and Need

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This isn’t a ‘rah rah’ blog post.  It is a small note that could almost be deemed a diary entry.

Today marks one month from when I was standing in the Phoenix, Arizona airport (having just finished a client visit) when I asked a brand new acquaintance - soon to turn friend - Chrishaun Keller Hanna to help Beta Test what has become SCARE.

Just fourteen days before this moment, she and I had met at the SPP-created Smarter Artists Summit in Austin, Tx.  Fortunately, we knew each other well enough I felt that she would enjoy helping.

And she did - way beyond what I could even hope.

I think about this and realize the ability of passionate people to support another group is so much stronger than we credit, or at least maybe I’m only speaking for myself on failing to see it so clearly.  I’ve heard of it before, but I’ve never necessarily lived it so effectively.

Since that phone call many people have stepped into my life as Beta Testers, team members on SIL’s side, curious authors, the SPP guys (Sean & Johnnie - Dave was included before the Podcast), Simon Whistler’s last question and now you.

Yeah, the whole thing has a life of its own, now.  The idea is only going to grow now.  It will grow beyond what I spoke about, heck, it already has grown into a young adult in just about five weeks…

Where do we go from here?  Up, I hope.  Up to helping more authors, more playwrights, more actors and voice talent… 

More muses.


I hope to write another post in 11 months talking about just half the ideas that are on the board and how we have helped fifty or a hundred authors get their books out there.  Not just due to SCARE, but everything SCARE helps achieve.  Like bringing awareness to and the fun we have helping each other.  Readers, Editors, Subject Matter Experts and of course, Authors - all based on the one love that ties us together across countries, continents, and time zones.

Our love of reading.

So, here is my diary entry one month after calling Chrishaun. I am raising a toast, may our futures all be bright and may we all help each other attain our mountaintops.

Michael Anderle

May 13,2016

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