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New SCARE Ad Comparison Multimedia - Client
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There are basic deliverables that are always present in the output from this service. This foundation can be seen below:

  • General information
  • Writing
    • Overall commentary
    • SCARE matrix
    • Characterization matrix
    • Conceptual framework
  • Visual
    • Overall commentary
    • SCARE matrix
    • Characterization matrix
  • Market targeting
    • ​Market profile
    • Cultural and language motility
    • Audience affiliation
    • Reader psych
    • SCARE tactics
  • Summary and commentary

Additional deliverables may be added to the output, based on the findings of the specific analysis.

The SCARE Ad Comparison Multimedia - Client reviews and evaluates the various drafts scripts and storyboard for prospective television and other multimedia venue ads being presented to a client. This comparison is for one specific product and covers five ad formats. The report is designed to help tune the concepts being presented to a client. The evaluation will include information on the form and other characteristics before final design marketing strategies and tactics are made.

The comparison and commentary are included along with the SCARE and characterization matrices for the copy drafts and storyboards. Then it's evaluated against the target audience profiles to identify those that match most closely to the ad trends and the client's desires for their campaigns.

The comparison can keep rewrites and extensive edits to a minimum. It also gives invaluable feedback on the appeal to each client and its audiences for each proposed ad.

Engagement Model
Data Collection Upload
Update Frequency Single
Project Form
Execution Single execution
Output Form
Size Range 2-10 pages
Media Electronic
Level of Detail Submission specific
Timing and Schedule
Client Time Contribution Minimal
Project Length 1 week
Delivery Mechanism Via email
Contract Form Fixed bid
Payment Schedule Upon submission