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New SCARE Dissertation Analysis
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There are basic deliverables that are always present in the output from this service. This foundation can be seen below:

  • General information
  • Writing
    • Overall commentary
    • SCARE matrix
    • Characteristics matrix
    • Conceptional framework
  • Market targeting
    • ​Market profile
    • Cultural and language motility
    • Audience affiliation
    • Reader psych
    • SCARE tactics
  • Summary and commentary

Additional deliverables may be added to the output, based on the findings of the specific analysis.

The SCARE Dissertation Analysis is a comprehensive review of a completed dissertation manuscript, designed to identify the audience and provide a road map to tune a structurally sound manuscript. While the validity of the supporting data and conclusions presented are not included in the analysis, the tone and style of the written words are the focus of this review.

Audience targeting matches the characteristics of the manuscript with the segment of the audience and reviewers most inclined to read and examine the work. This area will address what will attract or detract certain segments of the audience and reviewers, providing consideration points that may help going forward. Cultural and language motility analysis indicates how well the manuscript lends itself for later translation to other languages and cultures.

Also, a series of possible next steps will be provided so that the scope of the suggested changes can be understood so that any changes can be made with confidence, minimizing the need for developmental edits by at least half.